Roy Hughes
Real Name Roy Hughes
Super Name Mustang
Powers Some basic Merlinian Pyromancy ability
Job ONC Major/Strategist
Gender Male
Player DekuNut
Affiliations Order of New Camelot; Wolf Hunters; House Orlorian

Roy Hughes, aka Mustang, is a Major in the Order of New Camelot, and is part of a long line of knights and agents for the Order, going back to his ancestor Rauro Orlorian. Roy is a skilled agent and budding Pyromancer who serves his uncle Mordred Pendragon without thought. However, he is very questionable of Mordred's son Lupus, and fancies himself the better heir to the throne.

History Edit

Roy was born in 1995 to Mason "The Bear" and Ilsa Hughes in New Camelot, Ireland. He grew up training as an ONC operative, and, due to his familial ties with Mordred, was given special attention. He quickly formed a rivalry with his cousin Lupus, being jealous of the skill he had and the respect he earned. He felt like much of it was undeserved kissing up to the heir to the throne. When Lupus left the ONC, Roy thought it was his time to prove his worthiness. Along with his childhood friends Lizzy Chambers and Peter Fugemort, as well as architect Alexander Lackland, Roy formed a team to hunt down his rogue cousin. Though they failed, Mordred was impressed by their skills and made them an official Black Ops team.

More recently, he was called to Avalon Falls by Mordred, who'd decided that it was time for Lupus to choose between his life as a solo vigilante and his heritage as heir to the throne of Camelot. He decided that Roy and his team would be the ones to take the job, and so he, along with Lizzy and Alex, went to Avalon Falls to begin monitoring him.

During his time in Avalon, Mr. Red looked for allies to help in defending his son from a group of mercenaries led by Jecht Tidus. The Wolfhunters agreed to help, proving to hold their own against otherworldly creatures. After this, Mordred gave Roy and Lizzy the gift of one item from his personal vault. Roy chose the sword Valinor, an artifact from his paternal ancestry.

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Trivia Edit

  • Roy is based on Colonel Roy Mustang from the anime Fullmetal Alchemist, and is part of a group of four characters (along with The Dragon, The Lion, and The Boar) based on characters from the show.
  • Roy's use of the sword Valinor is a reference to a character from the original version of the RP, Rauro Orlorian.