Mordred Pendragon, The Immortal Black King of New Camelot, is the entrepreneur infinitaire businessman inventor of Avalon Falls. He is the Leader of the Order of New Camelot. He is played by Storm

History Edit

The Birth of a Legend Edit

Mordred was born to Morgan La Fay and Arthur Pendragon in AD 520. he grew up as the only child, and grew to be the heir to the throne

The Legend of the Ascension Edit

after His Father fell in battle with him, and sending Rauro to the future. Mordred took up Excalibur, and took the throne. he thought the Round Table needed expanding, so he Moved Camelot to a new location, and remade it to be knights and assassins.

550-1066 Edit

Mordred quickly rose to power, killing off the remnants of the Roman Empire with his knights he recruited from everywhere: Sir Vitas The Swift, Sir McKnight, his Son Loup LaRouge, Stevia The Loyal, Dax, Lux The Blind, The Minstrel, Warlocke, and Smith Scott. by 563, the Roman influence was but a footnote, and as trophies, Mordred took the 15 Flagpoles of The Duces Alta Laude with their Eagles. in this Time, Merlin was moving Camelot to a location outside what would later on be Dublin. Mordred and merlin formed the New Order of Camelot to defend the Realm of England and the 5 creeds in harmony. this lasted well until the Norman Conquest, where Mordred suffered one of the Largest defeats of his life.

1100-1600 Edit

Leaving Merlin in charge of the Order, Mordred took to travelling the world to clense his soul. he visited Rome, France, and other countries. by 1300, Mordred had made it to Japan. he fell in love with the art of Bushido, and in doing so, sacrificed Excalibur so that it could become 2 Katanas, Execa, and Liberu. this is where Mordred resided until The British arrived on trade routes. having nowhere else to return to, Mordred hitched a Ride back to The UK

1600-1900 Edit

Have You had Enough of Mine? Edit

Camelot Edit

Mordred Pendragon
Real Name Mordred Pendragon
Super Name The Black King
Powers Immortality; Technical genius; Money (Owns all the Banks)
Gender Male
Player Storm
Affiliations Order of New Camelot ; B13