Avalon Falls Wikia
Arthur LaFay "Lupus Mauve" Pendragon
Real Name Arthur LaFay "Lupus Mauve" Pendragon
Super Name The Wolf ; Lupus; Direwolf
Powers Master of Combat; Skilled Tactician; Photographic Memory; Knowledge;
Job Mechanic/Assassin
Gender Male
Player Storm
Affiliations Order of New Camelot; Heroes of Avalon Falls; B13

Arthur LaFay "Lupus Mauve" Pendragon is the master assassin and one of the Key founding members of the Heroes of Avalon Falls. Lupus works at a mechanic shop he owns himself. He is a master of most forms of combat and has a double PhD in Engineering and Medieval Literature and History. He is controlled by LupusThePurple.


Early Life[]

Lupus Mauve was born to Mordred Pendragon and Marianne LaFay (Nee Pendragon) in the Winter of 1989. he is the oldest son to Mordred this century, and is the twin to Coyote. Lupus grew up in New Camelot. learning what is was to be an assassin for the Order of New Camelot.


As the Spartans of Old, Lupus began training at the young age of 5 along side his brother. Lupus took to the skills learned like second nature. His brother not so well. over the years Lupus became a tutor for the other initiantes. at age 12, Lupus was ready to Take the Trial to see what he was to be called. armed with nothing, Lupus was left to fend for himself in the Black Forest for 30 days. within 30 minutes, Lupus had already conquered a Dire Wolf hunting him, having snapped it's neck, then taking a sharp rock, he cut the skin for clothing, and cooked the meat for sustenance. Mordred was pleased at his son, and passed and graduated him to a full time assassin, under the title of The Wolf, for it was the first animal he killed on his trial.

Life As An Assassin[]

Mordred took little time to put his Golden Child to use. he sent him on missions around the world, knocking off Diplomats, Killing targets for cash, and getting rid of some competition. by 15, Lupus was already a Member of Mordred's secret society, B13, where villains check in, but rarely ever check out.

The Turn[]

When Lupus was 16, there was a murder of an 8 year old girl, or at least there was evidence there was one. feeling he was being framed, Lupus confronted his father, and told him he had nothing to do with this. Mordred was insulted that Lupus thought he had anything to do with this, and challenged him to a duel. The Duel lasted 30 minutes, but Lupus came out the victor, earning his freedom, and his face on all the wanted papers. being hunted by both the ONC and AFPD, Lupus had nowhere to turn, until an old man took him in, and taught him how to be a mechanic. Lupus took to this like water, and soon was running the business when the old man died . this is where he took the surname "Mauve", after the old man. this did not stop Detective Jason Jones from snooping in on Wolf leads that always seemed to lead to that Mechanic Shop. but because Lupus was always working, he couldn't prove the correlation between the two... at least until Lupus ran into The Comet on a patrol detail. They became adversaries, and slowly grew to become the best of friends. even patrolling together. that didn't help the News' portrayal of The Wolf and Speedo by the newswoman. As other potential allies emerged, Lupus slowly began tailing each of them, and learning their identities with The Comet, and his connection back to the ONC

Heroes of Avalon Falls[]

After Rauro the Valiant awakened, Jason and Lupus formed a team to stop whatever plan Mordred was putting into action. The three of them, along with Blink, Tsunami, and Textra, learned about Mordred's plans, and tried to put a stop to them. However, the King of Camelot was ready, and ended up sending the team back in time to the beginning of his rule, killing Tsunami in the process.


The team was picked up by Lupus' much older brother and descendant on his mother's sideLupus the Red, and brought back to Camelot.