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Brian Shane
Real Name Brian Shane
Super Name Delta II
Powers Mechanical armor that: slows aging; the ability to extend his limbs beyond normal human limitations; flight; survival in extreme environemnts
Job Celebrity Hero
Gender Male
Player DekuNut
Affiliations Order of New Camelot

Brian Arnold Shane, aka Delta II, is a character in the HAFU Continuity. He's an ex-telemarketer who was gifted an alien suit that allows him a number of powers and gives him a link to the Omega Century. He is controlled by DekuNut.


Delta used to traverse through life like a zombie, following the status quo, working as a telemarketer, and overall just hating the life he lived, and wishing for a miracle to change that. One day, on a late-night walk, he found a crashed alien shuttle, and inside, a dying alien warrior. The warrior showed him the armor, and told him to take it up, to finish what he'd started. Apparently, the entire populace of his planet had been wiped out by an intergalactic monster, and he was coming to warn the galactic alliance, the UN of the stars, of the impending doom. However, his ship was attacked partway there, and he escaped into a shuttle, mortally wounded, and crash-landed on Earth. He gave the suit to Shane, so that he may help protect his planet when the creature came for them. Shane promised to do so, and took the suit. He saw this as his chance to change his life, fully becoming the hero known as Delta. He became a celebrity, sustaining himself through merchandising, which causes him to be looked down upon by many a hero and villain. However, they still respect his fighting spirit and prowess. Throughout all this, however, he keeps in the back of his mind, the words of the alien warrior, always watching and waiting for the creature to come to his home.

Special Abilities[]

While he has no powers, he has a suit that allows him to fly, as well as extend his limbs as he sees fit. It also has a life support system that allows him to survive in extreme temperatures, underwater, in space, and in the presence of toxic gas. He's a generally decent fighter, and with the added strength of his suit, he's a force to be reckoned with.

Relationships With Other Characters[]

Ral Daun (Delta I)[]

Ral was the alien soldier who gifted his suit to Brian Shane. Despite knowing little about him, Brian holds the man in high regard, and often wonders what he would do in some harsh situations. Being the heir to the Delta mantle, Brian has dealt with many of the affects of Ral's actions and relationships, most notably with Ral's ex-girlfriend Zeta.

Alicia Ferri (Zeta)[]

Alicia's hatred of Shane comes twofold: firstly, she was once the girlfriend of former Delta Ral Daun. Despite Daun's betrayal and death, she still deeply loves him, and Shane serves as a reminder of him. Second, him being Delta is a smack in the face to her master, the Omega Centurion, as well as the entire Omega Century. She wishes to kill Shane and take the Delta suit and emblem back to the Centurion.

Finnegan Malone[]

Brian and Finns met soon after he became Delta. Despite their differences, the two became fast friends. Finns is one of the few to know Brian's secret identity, along with where he lives. A lot of times, when Brian is getting a group of fans together to party it up, he brings the party to Finns' place.


  • His development name was Bryan Singer, a reference to the director of most of the Fox X-Men movies. His name was changed after some prodding from Storm.
  • The backstory of Shane, as well as his middle name, is a reference to Bravoman/Beraboh Man, a character created by the video game company Namco.