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Avalon Falls is a city in the United States where "Heroes of Avalon Falls" takes place.


Avalon Falls was one of the first European footholds in the New World. Originally a Native American religious site, purchased from them in 540 by Mordred Pendragon for the kingdom of Camelot. 600. The building of Avalon Falls Central Hub and surrounding area was a major cash cow, bringing attention to agricultural and economical doscoveries, from Tobacco to actual gold. In the following centuries Avalon Falls grew to rival the Aztec and Roman empire in its Majesty. Avalon Tower. And the surrounding area stood well until the Pilgrims came.

The city's Roads were designed in a way as to have the whole city be circular. Even the drawing of Avalon County was inspired to be round. The city has always had its share of crime and crime prevention up to the Summer of Love and Hippie Reformation.

The city predates the founding of the Americas, and technically is not America, though most people wouldn't know that. The city has the highest happiness rate, lowest homeless population. Lowest unemployment, and the highest Minimum wage in the world. The city itself makes $5 trillion dollars yearly and the debt toll of the city is 0.

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